100 Unique Collection Of Independence Day Images 2018

First indian flag was hoisted on 17th august 1906 at parsee in west bengal. Our national flag was designed by Pingali Venkayy at Bezwada in 1921.Our national flag consist of three colours safron t the top white in the middle and green at the third place. The white strip consist of Ashok chakra which is blue in colour and it contains 24 lines. 

The presence of safron colour is for renunciation and absolution of ego from people of different communities. The white colour is for peace,purity and honesty. and the green colour is for fertility, faith and prosperity of the people of india. and Ashok chakra represents our precious 24 hours. India was named after the river indus since it has great sigificance in indian history. independence day images and wallpapers on quotes tadka. best collection of independence day imags and wallpapers.

Here we have the best Independence day images and wallpapers which you can set as your wallpapers. These images will enlighten your day .

If you are looking for some special and unique collection of images for this 71st independence then you can go with our collection of images containing Rangoli designs .

Best images and wallpapers for our 71st Independence day 2017.

Pretty images and wallpapers for our Independence which is one of the most important day of every Indian citizen.

Beautiful images and wallpapers of our Independence day. Every Indain wait for indepence day since, it is one of the great occassion of our life.

Our nationa anthem was written by Rabindranath Tagore in Bngali.  Beautifull images and  wallpapers.

Here we have different images for you for this independence which you can set as your wallpapers on various social networking sites.

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