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We are going to celebrates 71st Independence Day in 2017, 15th August. we got freedom from the British empire after their  rule of around 150 years. 15th August is the occasion of adaptability for all of us. The National Self-dependence Day is honoured at The  RED FORT  Delhi  every year. On this day, the Head of the nation gives the memorable speech and performs flag hoisting.        Furthermore, every Institution, Universities, Offices, Government workplaces organises the flag hoisting followed by some cultural programs and parades. For this important day's celebration students as well as Teachers has to offer speech on INDEPENDENCE DAY, so  we have a collection of  Independence Day Speech for Students, and teachers as well.
independence day speech


   "A very warm good morning to the respected teachers, Principal and honourable guest, today i got the opportunity to speak some few word for my nation India. India get Independence from the British rule on 15 th August 1947 . Our Role model Mahatama Gandhi give his Life in the contribution of Independence of India and Not Only Mahatma Gandhi , Bhagat Singh, Sukh Dev, Rani Lakshmi Bai and there were many others who sacrificed their life for the Independence of India and we all must salute the legecy of all the freedom fighters.      In My Opinion Bollywood Actors are not the Heroes, our Army is our real hero who sacrifice  their life to serve us a better and Independent Life But I also think that after having 70 year of independence still our country is not developed and for today  Britishers role is played by some Corrupted country men. Corrupted People are selling the pride of our nation for money.

   Now the whole responsibility of saving the nation from corruption  and making our country a world power is taken by our respected prime minister shri Narendra ji modi and he is fulfulling his duty very well with his team and  so now it is not only the responsibility of the government but also it is our wholesome duty to protect our country by taking small steps as much as possible at our level. Thank you . JAI HIND , JAI BHARAT.


“Respected Principal sir, loving students and all the gatherings present here , a very good morning to all. Today is independence day and we are gathered here to remember our freedom fighters, who contributed to make  our country free from British rule.  We are too lucky that we are free to express ourselves freely today , but before  people were not free to do anything, they were ruled by Englishmen for over a period of 150 years , but some great leaders took responsibility on their shoulders to free our nation. During the whole process of freedom many great leaders sacrificed their lives. so it is our duty to follow their paths and make our nation still a better place. They left us with  a beautiful country , they did not care about their life for our future. So it is time  to salute all those great people. And today we all, must take a oath  to make our country  clean , corruption free, well cultured and an enormous world power . so that we can the title  of India back as " The Golden Bird -INDIA" 


"Jai Hind' Jai Bharat."

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